Monday, 13 September 2010


just a few spillages 2010

Some days I feel guilty that these blobs don’t seem to exist anywhere, maybe like the Petri dish every thing else is pulverised for the sake of one culture. I could use this play of words to talk about a wider political landscape, but it isn’t really about that… Anyway coming back to the process - the studio plays a great part. Its a rarefied space, (some would say fetishised even) it provides protection for artists and their work, comfort and status. Putting all that aside a studio provides a space, clear of debris and distraction- influence is carefully sucked through straw as and when needed – it’s all rather controlled – it’s a big fat incubator.

Duchamp Three Standard Stoppages 1913-14

Yes I admit – I like (many other people who make stuff) am a control freak. At the same time its funny that we spend a great deal of time trying not to know (gotta keep boredom at bay). I remember listening to Margret Iversen give examples of strategies used by artists for creating chance within their processes, in her words ‘Falling, dropping, letting go’… I’m thinking of adding ‘Chance’ - her instalment of those Whitechapel/MIT readers to my collection. ‘Participation’ was a good read – somehow ‘situation’ didn’t grab me. But I feel very aware of the conditions of the studio and its effect on my outcomes…

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


'Blob' 2004-6

I’ve been into blobs for a long time… Looking back my palette wasn’t vast but it was a tad larger. In those early days, I totally obsessed about camouflage. The idea of continual change and adaptation to each environment or situation encountered.

I’ve been thinking recently about the motives for camouflage and also about that fairytale/mythical creature the changeling. The changeling appears to be a deceitful entity. Creating illusions that allow it to exist undetected by others, somehow deception and truth become intermingled.

The salt monster in Star trek 'The Man Trap'

If we look to the natural world, we see deception as a survival strategy. Consequently that deception is inherent within the identity of that creature. My camo was rather more symbolic, using the over exposed amoeba pattern (the ‘urban solider’ motif) the project focused on the dysfunctional – standing out not blending in…

I keep thinking about a black blob morphing and assimilating the world it encounters – its not sci-fi - not an invasion - just survival…

Friday, 3 September 2010


The drawings became too tight - needed to remedy this some how. I found myself splashing ink around trying to loosen the whole process. Having put the older drawings away I responded to a memory, the new drawings totally exploded…

Untitled black series 2010

I took a step sideways recently… I thought about the futility of trying to construct ‘meaning’ (it was probably one of my darker days). Then I started to concentrate on the splashes, using the unit (spot) in an attempt to construct something out of them.

Untitled Black Series 2010