Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bent Tent Peg…

Untitled Black (Flutter) sketch

I’ve identified characteristics in a lot of other peoples work in recent entries. It’s been an attempt to work out how to talk about the things I’m seeking, but (as changeable as England’s bloody weather) this fluctuates by the day. This is one of the reasons why I opt for black; it brings a consistency, which is important – to me. Black kinda functions like a brand – but unlike branding I feel there’s room for fluidity and change.

My little example last entry, was an attempt to make something with what I had to hand… there was a time when I found this very difficult and always had some excuse to go and buy more materials. Of course this was all on the credit card, when each show felt closer to paying it off… how wrong I was lol! Anyways… I’ve been making these circles/spots for some time and they’re all the same. This is reminding me of the last cul-de-sac - the egalitarian ideal of the mass-produced. I was caught in a modernist trap – it was kind of embarrassing - for a bit - and then I remembered an old adage my Jamaican friends relished telling me from time to time… ‘If yu caant hear yu mus feel’

Blob 2004-6 At Space Station Sixty-Five

So looking at this idea of multiplicity I decided to vary each spot – additionally the rhizome idea, across the surface of the circle also seemed to make sense; each component was individual but similar and complete in itself. Now I’ve also been thinking about how I can formally speak of my ongoing relationship with the white cube - since that is the situation I am currently dealing with. Last week a friend asked me if I liked I it, I do (again its changeable) but I also recognise where the white cube falls short. But you can also try to work with what you’ve got. My analogy is trying to pitch a tent on very dry and solid ground. You loose many pegs in the process and you might never get a secure foothold, but you make do and improvise how you can…

Untitled Slade Degree Show 2001

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