Thursday, 7 July 2011


I remember always wanting to grow up quickly as a child. Watching my uncle do his hair before partying is one of those vivid memories of envying adulthood. It was a very drawn out and methodical process – my Uncle’s hair; patting and trimming stray hairs, covering the hair before easing his chosen garment on. After many years of looking at photos from the 70’s, I always believed he had the perfect Afro, the perfect circle and what a technical feat that was. I used to watch him on the stairs at my grandmas every Saturday, wishing I could go out too.

Making ‘Maurice’ earlier this year was also very drawn out. A geometric ideal took over, making the process really compulsive. Every time I returned to the studio, I had to do more – it wasn’t right – it needed correction.

So I’ve continued cutting and combing, I’ve been filming it for weeks now, I’m not sure what form its going to take, but I’ve also been thinking about the noise in the studio to.

I’m not very good with silence…