Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Photo by Oneterry

These days I’m writing really long entries – I lost the courage to post for a while and now I feel like I’m catching up. This is just how it is for now – you’ll just have to bear with me…lol

Now going back a year or so, just before I started this blog, I wrote some epic emails to people I respected, I dunno, I was looking for answers to questions I was afraid to ask in public. At that time Afro Modern had opened at Tate Liverpool, some how I was really frustrated. Obviously this show was related to Liverpool’s part in the black Atlantic story. But I was disappointed in another show talking about the black subject within the context of the Colonial/Postcolonial.

I asked a friend (an academic) could the black subject be discussed in any other terms? Modernism happened in one hemisphere, colonialism happened in another - and that logic simply extended to the ‘Post’ versions of them. Nicolas Bourriaud (I’m told) was attempting to tackle this with his global idea ‘Altermodernism’. But it was met with much scepticism; understandable really, it was at Tate the and exhibition was largely engaged with established representatives from the industry, begging the question – what kind of globalism did the show actually represent?

So anyway the end of my story… my friend encouraged me to speak up. So I am now standing on my virtual soapbox, asking my questions - but I've just realised it’s taken me a whole year to ask the first one.

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